How to use FileTypeID to identify an unknown file extension ?>

How to use FileTypeID to identify an unknown file extension

FileTypeID is a simple application to identify files using their binary signatures and included database of TrIDLib. It can be used in portable mode. You only need to unzip the downloaded file and run the file FiletypeID.exe. Then drag and drop on top of the application window the file to try and give a click on the “Analyze” button. In the window that corresponds to the extension and the file type is displayed. You can get more information using the “Details” button.

Depending on the file and its extension, you may receive one or more possible matches. The percentage value indicates the probability of a match, followed by the extension and type of files. This works for files without an extension. If it comes to analyzing a file without an extension, this may be all you need to start usingĀ  the file. If you know the extension, you will not get additional information through the program. You can still help by displaying the file type with the extension, but the next step is, however, finding a compatible program on the Internet.

It could be used alternatively, an executor of universal file, so you can open dozens of different file types. FileTypeID is most useful when you encounter a file with no extension to open. It is less useful if you know the file type, especially if you have to run a search, anyway, on the Internet to find a program that supports the file extension.

Note: The developer’s website is no longer available, however, you can download the latest version of the program via this link:

Here we have a printscreen of the program working