How to use HexBrowser to identify an unknown file extension ?>

How to use HexBrowser to identify an unknown file extension

Is a viewer and analyzer of unknown files. It is also an executable application, not a program that you need to install. It works on all versions of Windows. To use only need to download and run your  HexBrowserNET.exe file. After that we just need to drag and drop over your left side panel the unknown file. In the right pane all the information that the program can extract into three tabs will appear.
It is also possible to explore the exact location of the file. We have tried several different types of files and information it provides is very useful and successful. Look at the following example image.
Identify an unknown file with HexBrowser.

This program and its usage is very simple and easy to use, you can download from its own website (here is the link:

Step 1. Download the software

Go to the developer´s website and download

Note: Download the latest beta version.


Step 2. Run the HexBrowserNET.exe file

The file is a zipped file, unzip and run the executable named ‘HexBrowserNET.exe ‘.


Step 3. Click the ‘Open’ Button for opening a file

In the upper right bar you can find the ‘open’ button to search and select the file that you want to identify.
The chosen one was a mis-extension file which is unknown, even, for test purposes, this file was renamed with a wrong extension (.jpg) and the result was the same

Step 4. Identifying the file


Same file with a wrong extension

Depending of the file type, you will obtain more or less information in the ‘FILE TYPE’ field.